JARRELL, Texas (FOX 44) – Two men are dead after a construction accident in Jarrell this morning.

The two unnamed men were digging a sewer line when they got trapped in a 24-foot trench. How it happened is still under investigation.

The construction site is a going to be a new home development in Jarrell along the east side of I-35.

The call came in around 8:30 this morning and after about four hours, it switched from a rescue to a recovery effort.

“We’re just focusing on the recovery efforts and helping the families in this unfortunate time,” Nick Spinetto with the City of Jarrell said.

Multiple agency’s including OSHA are working together to figure out what happened.

There are five excavators on scene removing dirt and flattening it out so emergency personnel can reach the men.

“It’s a really involved process for the safety of our rescuers, for the safety of our emergency personnel,” Spinetto said. “They have to remove certain dirt and almost make steps to make sure the crews can get down there without causing any more dirt to collapse.”

The families of the men have been notified. Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services are with them.

“Our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time,” Spinetto said. “This is not an easy process.”

“It’s not something you expect when you go to work in the morning,” Spinetto said. “They have our deepest sympathies, and we are providing as much support to them as we possibly can.

No one else was hurt in this incident.