Two human trafrficking victims were safe Friday after McLennan County Sheriff’s Deputies raided the Rose Spa massage parlor on Hewitt Drive Thursday morning.

It’s the first case of it’s kind in McLennan County this year.

Unbound says this type of slavery is fueled by demand.

“Trafficking is a supply and demand business, there wouldnt be victims if pepople didn’t want to purchase commercial sex or labor services, so unfortunately, this would not be a problem if there wasn’t that demand,” said Jessica Foran, Director of Survival Advocacy for Unbound Waco.

Doors shut, and lights off Friday morning at the Rose Spa after the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department got a tip last week about suspected illegal activity.

“Well they didn’t speak english so we were able to bring in some mandarin translators which was invaluable, so they felt heard and had a voice to express themselves and were able to understand what was happening much easier,” said Foran.

Neighboring businesses say they had their suspicions about what was going on.

“I mean, any sort of mom and pop massage place, random people coming in and out, you know I think people had suspicions,” said Austin Parker, Owner of Full Moon Float Co.

So far, no arrests have been made.

“We just can’t have these things going on, these people have to be weeded out and prosecuted for this, it’s a form of slavery, you knoiw we are supposed to be a slave-free country,” said a local who did not want to identify himself.

He says law enforcement needs to crack down on these crimes.

“They are going on unpunished, and are becoming so bold in when they do it and how they do it and whoever they bring in and however many lives they destroy, they don’t care, so these people have to be pulled out and really, really persecuted for what they’ve done.”