Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Texas roads and highways are facing constant pressure to serve their purpose in the extreme heat we are seeing right now.

Extreme heat can cause the road to expand and eventually buckle.

These problems can cause damage to your vehicle.

“It’ll make the road impassable, so that’s why it will likely require a closure or a fix,” said TXDOT Waco District public information officer, Jake Smith.

Smith says road buckles occur in two places.

“First, bridge joints that can malfunction in extreme temperatures and concrete pavement seams, and typically where old concrete or pavement meets new pavement,” said Smith.

The paved concrete sections are tied to function together but face the risk of breaking in extreme temperature.

“When you have ambient temperatures of around 100 degrees, roadways or surface temperature can reach up to 140 degrees,” said Smith.

Smith says road buckles can happen at anytime.

We asked Smith if there were any heat related road problems in Waco.

Smith says not so far, but TXDOT is always prepared.

“That’s where TXDOT comes in and we’re ready to respond to these pavement failures or damage and pass them up and patch them up, so that the road becomes passable again,” said Smith.

If you see a road buckle or any other road issue, you can report it using TXDOT’s online portal.

Click here for the link.