TxTag Troubles: A Lawmaker’s Game Plan


“We’re not allowed to tell them that they have an account in collections. So if they don’t know about it, they’re not gonna pay it,” says a former TxTag Customer Service representative.

Keeping certain account information from TxTag customers and mandated call times.

On Thursday night, we met a former TxTag Customer Service employee who says she quit her job because she felt it was unethical and not helping customers resolve their bills.

Tonight, after learning 2.2 million customers have been set to collections this year alone, one lawmaker says, “Enough is enough”, and that the system should have been fixed two years ago when problems first surfaced.

“There are still technology problems, and you know it seems baffling to people that, you know, that you can’t get it right,” says Cedar Park Representative Tony Dale.

There are two major toll roads running through Dale’s Central Texas district: 183A and SH-45 – north Austin, Cedar Park, and Leander.

He says they’ve been a problem, and they still are.

“We’ve got a large number of constituents that drive on the roads on a daily basis, and we hear complaints weekly without question,” Dale said.

Including complaints about TxTag Customer Service. 

“You would hope that someone makes a call for a complaint,” Dale said. “It’s handled in a timely manner and um, you know, no matter who gets the call, they should be able to address it.” 

Until the problems are fixed, Dale vows he won’t drive on toll roads in Texas and proposes a complete system overhaul.

“Texas needs a whole new way to look at this,” Dale said. “Myself and the other members of the legislature are gonna be asking the speaker to have the transportation committee look at this specific problem.”

Dale says one idea he’ll pitch will be to bring all of these toll operations under one entity. Right now, you’ve got six different groups as a part of the process.

He says this change could mean not only a smoother process for customers, but also more transparency.

TxTag officials tell us their process is already a good one. Their workers go through extensive training for two weeks to make the process as smooth as possible.

Txtag says they have also made changes in customer service and call centers since problems first surfaced a few years ago – including extended call center hours.

If you’ve reached out to TxTag Customer Service for answers about your bill but had no luck, we want to know.

Click on this link and tell us about your experience with customer service. You can even upload your bill.

TxDOT tells us they will review and help get to the bottom of the bills we send them.

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