WACO, TX (FOX 44) – U.S. Representative Pete Sessions was invited by Trinity Sports Organization in Waco to hold a financial literacy seminar to help others in the community.

This financial literacy seminar is a six week program to help Waco community members reach financial stability.

Sessions was invited, in part, because of his background in the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee

The room was packed this evening with Sessions explaining the importance of having a financial plan.

“Long term, you have to have a plan to know how you’re going to deal with paying taxes, how you’re going to draw your money out and, more importantly, how you plan for your future,” said Sessions.

Topics covered were the benefits of establishing a bank relationship, choosing the right banking partner, the four C’s of credit, and thriving in small business.

“We seem to have lots of new people who’ve come into the marketplace, who moved to Waco, who have jobs, are looking for jobs or have jobs,” said Sessions. “This is the market that we want to say how important it is paying attention to this part of your future.”

Waco community member Roxsann Morales came to today’s seminar to grow as an entrepreneur.

“Learn to do like the finances on my own for my business that I’ll have to hire like a CPA or anything,” said Morales. “I’m pretty much kind of wanting to learn everything, like the financial part of the business.”

Speaking on the current economy, Morales says more guests should come to these events to be prepared for any financial situation.

“Well, if you don’t have this and you don’t know where to put your money and how to invest your money or as far as how to pay yourself, you need to know how to pay yourself, how to invest your money, what you’re going to spend your money on, how you’re going to save your money. All those good things,” said Morales.

We reached out to Sessions run-off candidate Mary Jo Woods for a comment receiving no feedback.