UPDATE: Allgood reaches $110,000 settlement with City of Hewitt


HEWITT, Texas – The City of Hewitt’s now former Managing Director of Administration will receive $110,000 in a settlement to litigation between her and the city.

“We think that a loud message was sent today to public officials and business leaders across our community that discrimination in any form will not be tolerated,” Katie Allgood’s attorney told FOX44 News.

Allgood filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Hewitt in February. She claimed high ranking officials in the city demeaned her qualifications and education in public.

“It’s bittersweet,” Allgood’s attorney, Ryan Johnson said about the settlement, “She regrets having to leave the city of Hewitt. She enjoyed serving the citizens as a public servant. She had a very successful career at the city of Hewitt.”

The majority of the $110,000 settlement will be paid by the municipal risk pool, and not out of City of Hewitt funds. The Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool is paying $65,000, while the City of Hewitt is paying $45,000.

In addition, the City of Hewitt will pay for two months of insurance continuation.

Allgood has released all claims against the City of Hewitt and its current and former officials and employees. She will dismiss the lawsuit and has resigned.

When asked about what the people of Hewitt should take from this settlement, City Manager Bo Thomas said, “I think the message that it really sends is that sometimes, you need to keep history and put history behind you.”

This business decision was made based on legal and employment costs which would be incurred in the future, and the efficiencies gained by restoring the focus on the important business of the City of Hewitt – also according to the press release.

Below is the original text from this story:

The City of Hewitt’s second-highest ranking administrator’s future is in discussion at a special City Council meeting on Monday night.

The Council is expected to discuss whether to take action on a lawsuit settlement and separation agreement with Katie Allgood, the city’s Managing Director of Administration.

Allgood filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Hewitt last February. She made claims of consistent biased harassment from the mayor and former Council member Kurt Krakowian.

The suit says high-ranking officials in the city made demeaning comments questioning Allgood’s qualifications and education in public. The suit claims Allgood was often singled out.

Former City Manager Adam Miles also made complaints against the city before his resignation and $88,000 settlement. His complaints were against the same individuals in Allgood’s suit.

The current city manager says the Council is likely to take action during the meeting, which is expected to go into executive session right at the start.

We’ll be here to update you on any developments tonight on FOX44 News at 9.

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