UPDATE: Former Hewitt City Councilman threatens to file civil rights complaint


Former Hewitt City Council member Kurt Krakowian is threatening to file a civil rights complaint against the city.

He says his rights were violated because he wasn’t allowed into Monday’s Council meeting. 

“They’re gonna criminally trespass you. I’m a citizen. Yeah, based on city attorney’s advice. Why is that? ‘Because there is an ongoing hostile working environment complaint and you’re disruptive.’ How am I disruptive? I’m just the enforcement provider,” Krakowian says.

Moments before, the City Council accepted Krakowian’s resignation – which he submitted because two women who work for Hewitt accused him of discrimination and harassment.
He denies those allegations.

The City of Hewitt has responded via the following statement:

“Due to the nature of active claims of creating a hostile work environment and retaliation against Mr. Krakowian by multiple City Employees, there was a possibility that Mr. Krakowian might attempt be disruptive or intimidating to employees during the City Council meeting. 
“To protect those employees the City was prepared to issue a criminal trespass warning to him if he acted in a manner that was disruptive or intimidating. 
“I understand he may have live streamed his attendance at the Council meeting last night. I have not had an opportunity to review any video related to any claim Mr. Krakowian may have made. 
“I understand the video shows he was pulled off to the side as he entered City Hall, after a brief and courteous conversation with Chief Devlin, he was asked to wait for a moment in a small meeting room in the front lobby of City Hall. I believe the Chief then checked with the City Attorney to see if there were any issues with him attending. It was determined he did not present a threat and was welcomed to the meeting.
“It is important to point out that anyone who disrupts a public meeting in a disorderly manner or intimidates employees will be removed and warned off City property. Likewise, anyone threatening or intimidating an officer or employee of the should also be removed.
“Obviously, any threatened or contemplated legal action against the City will be referred to the City Attorney.”

Below is the original text from this story:

Hewitt city officials are left with a big seat to fill Monday night after accepting councilor at-large Kurt Krakowian’s resignation.

This comes after two city employees filed complaints with the city and the state against the former councilman and Mayor Ed Passalugo. Both city staff members have been accused of harassment and discrimination.

Krakowian stepped down after having the councilor at-large seat for five months.

Showing up tonight as a Hewitt homeowner, the former city councilman watched the meeting go on. This happening days after resigning from his chamber seat after allegations of harassment and discrimination.

Krakowian says he was asked to leave the building during the meeting. He  said he was shocked.

After the allegations were filed by the city and state Krakowian says he was pushed out because of ongoing threats. Krakowian says his wife, who is a city employee in the same boat. Now  he is worried about other city employees.

Krakowian says he created his own Facebook page to document the issues he’s experienced with the city of Hewitt.

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