UPDATE: Shooting victim hospitalized, two suspects in police custody


According to the Temple Police Department, two people have been arrested in connection to a shooting. 

23-year-old Frankie Boyd and 24-year-old Duvalle Sommerville are now in the Bell County Jail. Both are being held on third-degree felonies, but their exact charges are unknown at this time. 

The victim of a shooting fell out of a car in Temple on Wednesday. The car then took off with Boyd and Sommerville inside. The victim’s condition is not known. 

Police are also trying to figure out how the two suspects were involved. 

Below is the original text from this story:

​Temple Police performed a traffic stop on Airport Road on Wednesday afternoon. It was here they saw a man get out of the car and fall to the ground. The man said he was shot and appeared to be suffering from a wound.

It was then the car he was in took off and fled the scene. Another officer soon spotted this vehicle. The vehicle wrecked and damaged a patrol car.

Two suspects are now in police custody.

“Having crime or some crazy scene that happened today, it’s not likely around here,” Ethan Smitherman said. 

Smitherman lives feet away from where it all happened. One of the suspects ran through his yard before police caught him. 

“They basically told me nobody go outside. We need to go back there and investigate with the bag that’s dropped and what’s going on,” Smitherman said. 

It is unknown at this time how the victim was shot. The victim and one of the suspects have been transported to the Baylor Scott and White Medical Center.

Source: Temple Police Department

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