Waco, TX (FOX 44) — We’ve seen the cost of eggs skyrocket and decided to check in with the people who use them everyday.

This means bakeries. Workers are sitting in between a rock and a hard place trying to make ends meet.

Laura Summersett owner of Sweetness Desserts says she always enjoyed baking as a child with her mom.

She opened her business 10 years ago, and says her goal to make every event special has never changed.

“I think my biggest joy in all of that is getting to be part of people’s celebrations. We are always doing birthdays, weddings, anniversaries,” said Summersett.

But her wish to make dreams come true now comes at a cost.

“You can’t go to the grocery store for yourself without going, oh my goodness, everything costs so much,” said Summersett.

The weekly trip price for eggs, flour, and butter has changed.

“My average trip was about $85 – $125 a week. Now, if I get out under $200, it’s a shocker,” said Summersett.

And using over 100 dozen eggs a month and 50 pounds of butter a week, supply chain problems make matters even worse..

Do I pull an item and stop making it until it’s back? Do I improvise? Do I go all over town to every store to see if they’ve got it And we’ve done all of those things since 2020.

The same situation rings true for Cake Amor business owner Boca Sares.

“Supplies to the price of eggs tripling,” said Sares. “Like almost everything that we use, the price of it has tripled from the year before.”

Sares and his wife expanded their keto friendly options to make ends meet, and they’re also rotating flavors.

“Situations like this is to do everything you can to get every sale that you can,” said Sares.

Doing what they can on their own, they’ve also had to pass some of the inflation onto consumers.

Last year at this time for a dozen cookies like chocolate chip or sugar or something like that, we were charging around $18 a dozen. Right now it’s sitting at about $26 a dozen,” said Sares. “To be honest, it probably should cost a little bit more.”

Both Summersett and Sares say the community understands why they had to raise their prices and still have steady business.