Waco FD gets fire engine upgrade


The City of Waco Fire Department replaced a 13-year-old Pierce fire engine with a new 2018 Pierce enforcer pumper engine.

The new engine is equipped with front and side airbags and a compressed air form system which provides the capability to extinguish class A and B fires more effectively.

Scene lights total over 100,000 lumens to help improve scene safety and make firefighters more visible to traffic driving by an incident. Added emergency lights with a traffic-directing bar directs cars away from the truck while working a traffic accident.

There is Independent Front suspension, which allows the vehicle to stop 30 percent faster and have greater control over the vehicle while driving.

Also, three siren features were added to this specification. The first one is a howler, which creates a low frequency tone in order to cut through the newer vehicles built today. An electronic mechanical siren allows for the high pitch sound to cut through traffic. There is an electronic siren for general notification to the public during emergency response.

Fire engines are normally replaced after ten years because the maintenance to an engine can get pricey after so many years of service. The firefighters at Station #8 are grateful for the new fire engine and look forward to using some of the new features it has to offer.

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