January 01 2022 12:00 am

Waco firefighters credit bystander for saving two lives


The severe weather this weekend created a potentially deadly situation in Waco.

The firefighters credit a bystander for pulling two men out of a creek on Franklin Avenue and New Road. 

The first responders tell Fox 44 the bystander threw a rope at the men who were able to catch it and then climb up. 

Waco Fire Deputy Chief Robby Bergerson applauds the bystander for his quick thinking and bravery in rescuing the two men. 

He says, “He absolutely is a hero, he saw what was going on and he took action, he made a difference in this situation, we are very grateful and hats off.” 

Bergerson believes the men were seeking shelter under the bridge from the dangerous storms when one of them fell in the knee deep water. 

He says, “That is the cascading effect of how sometimes tragedies become multiple. We are just fortunate, very lucky situation.” 

According to the deputy chief, the bystander was pulling the men out as firefighters arrived. 

He continues, “The firefighters were also positioned downstream from the incident where the water is flowing so that in case they slipped again they would be in position to throw a secondary rope.” 

Bergerson warns about the dangers of flash flooding and slippery bridges. 
He explains six inches of water is enough to sweep you off your feet. 

He says, “As you struggle and become fatigued, it is just a matter of time before the water overwhelms you.”

The deputy chief says everyone needs to be careful around bridges and creeks as flooding doesn’t only happen in spring. 

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