Waco PD on alert for fireworks this Independence Day


WACO, Texas – Waco Police say they are overwhelmed with calls about fireworks around the upcoming Independence Day.

They say it distracts their officers from more pressing emergencies.

They want to remind everyone to let the professionals handle fireworks, and that shooting them in the city is a violation.

You can be written a ticket, and your fireworks will be confiscated. You should also never fire a gun into the air as a form of celebration.

“What goes up must come down,” says Sgt. Patrick Swanton, of Waco Police. “And if people are firing handguns or shotguns into the air, those projectiles are going to come down eventually. And there have been known cases were people have been shot miles away or blocks away because someone discharged a firearm and a bullet came out of the air and struck and hit them.”

Police will arrest you if you are caught firing a gun, and it will be confiscated.

Extra officers will also be on duty on July 4, so make sure resources aren’t spread thin. The department is asking everyone to be considerate of their neighbors and their pets.

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