Waco residents questioning tourism music video


A music video aimed at boosting Waco tourism was released last week. However, not everyone is happy, leaving some to wonder if it reflects the city’s diversity.

The music video is part of the city’s tourism ambassador program, to give people an idea of what Waco is all about. The woman says the video doesn’t reflect people who look like her. 

After watching the welcome to Waco music video released last week, Hope Mustakim and other Wacoans were left with questions. 

“It just felt like, this isn’t really Waco. This isn’t really the Waco that we know and love,” Mustakim said. “It feels like if you want to promote Waco for all that is lovely and beautiful, why wasn’t more intentionality put into creating a diverse music video?”

Mustakim says she’s upset with the lack of diversity. 

“A lot of people felt like, why wasn’t there more done to include people who are already more marginalized,” Mustakim said.

The city posted on their public Facebook group, they were looking for video extras. It was also aired on radio and tv, including right here on FOX 44. 

“How else do you reach families that are already excluded than besides through schools and churches and really meeting them where they are at?”

Mustakim says it shows a false representation of the city. According to a 2016 census minorities are more than 50 percent of the Waco population. 

“I feel like that was a missed opportunity for a city that is working so hard to bring about reconciliation and restoration,” Mustakim said. 

She hopes future projects like this one market Waco differently.

“I just really hope that from here moving forward that we show that we see, acknowledge and appreciate the diversity that is here and that we can bring it together so that we can make something beautiful.”

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