Waco scuba instructor talks about dangers of diving


As the whole world follows the ongoing rescue mission in Thailand, trying to save the boys from a dangerous cave, Fox 44 reached out to a scuba diving instructor to talk about dangers of diving. 

Dr. Hugh Riley, a certified scuba diving instructor for Waco Scuba – a program at YMCA is also a Baylor professor. 

In his 40 years of diving he has certified more than 13,000 avid divers. 

He explains how diving can be dangerous as a little mistake can be deadly. 

Riley says, “It is much like being an astronaut going to a foreign planet.The cold, the darkness all of these things can cause people to overreact and perhaps feel claustrophobic or anxious.” 

Riley says the easiest way for a diver to rescue someone is to just have them act as a passive passenger. 
But what’s the key to prevent a panic?
Staying calm.
He explains, “Diving is not so much of a physical activity as it is a mental activity.”

According to Riley every diving experience is different. 

“The deeper you go, the faster your air supply runs out, additionally as you go deeper and deeper you absorb more and more nitrogen and there is a limit on how much nitrogen your body can hold.” 

He believes the more fit divers are, the better their chances of surviving. 
Riley says once someone becomes certified in scuba diving that’s good for a lifetime. 
Of course there are different levels but they all start with basic diving course. 

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