Waco, TEXAS (FOX 44) – A trend on social media to lose weight fast is becoming detrimental to those with health issues.

It’s Ozempic, a medication to treat those with type-two diabetes is in short supply through 2023 according to the FDA.

Social media expert Caryn Brown says Ozempic, Tik Tok’s favorite weight loss drug, is in a lane of its own.

“There’s this trend now of getting it and using it specifically for weight loss and not using it as prescribed and not necessarily getting it prescribed through a doctor,” said Brown, owner of Digital Butterfly Media.

Ozempic and similar medication Wegovy are made with semaglutide where more insulin is secreted to produce more energy.

It also affects your kidney, so you feel less hunger.

“The ability to eat less results in weight loss,” said Chelsea Macias, registered dietitian and nutritionist and owner of the Food Sensitivity Institute.

The medication used outside of diabetic purposes can cause side effects.

“The pancreas, it may just not work as efficiently over the long term,” said Macias.

Other effects are gastrointestinal problems and high blood sugar.

When not being used, the weight will return.

Macias discourages wrongful use of Ozempic considering the current healthcare system.

“What happens if you can’t go to the pharmacy until tomorrow, but your blood sugar is 400 milligrams per deciliter today, which is way out of range,” said Macias, “They got to go to the hospital if they’ve got symptoms.”

High blood pressure can lead to cardiac arrest and stroke.

It also leaves diabetics with fewer resources.

Brown says it’s important to be mindful of the online fascination with weight loss.

“Social media is your 15 minutes of fame, or whatever you get on social media is fleeting; and your body is your body for the rest of your life,” said Brown. “You want to make decisions and choices based on the health of your body.”