Waco Toys ‘R Us closing its doors


It’s the end of an era as the last of the Toys “R Us stores are closing. The Waco location is closing for good on Friday.

Despite the end, several shoppers were still in the store looking for last chance deals. Store employees are saying its sad to see everything go.

“Its ridiculous how sad it is just to walk by and see nothing in there,” said shopper Jaime Harper.

Its the end of a chain known to generations of children and parents for its colorful store and Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Here’s what locals had to say:

“Kinda sad because, you know, my kids aren’t going to be able to experience it like we did growing up,” said mother and longtime shopper Laila Allen.

“Seeing it close now has only shown that technology has taken over,” said shopper Paulina Aguilar.

As much as they say they don’t want to see businesses like this close and are finding great deals, online stores have made toy shopping easier.

“You guys are in a different world. Everything’s online. Everything is getting wiped out. But don’t forget about the local shops. This wasn’t so local, but support the ones that are local,” said Allen.

“It makes you feel like the economy is kind of going downhill. People aren’t playing with toys anymore. Everything is about electronic, and that’s all,” said Harper.

According to store employees, 180 stores are closing. The rest will be liquidated and more than 30,000 workers will be looking for new jobs.

But it’s the memories that will last – at least for those of us who still consider ourselves “Toys ‘R Us Kids.”

“It’s sad that our future generations aren’t going to have Toys ‘R Us, which is what we grew up with,” said Aguilar. 

Local employees say everything must go – including shelving, furniture and any toys that are left.

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