CENTRAL TEXAS – All the rain we’ve been getting has translated to area lakes rising above their normal levels.

Several picnic and swim areas have been closed because of the high waters – so calling ahead before you go to the lake is a good idea.

Lake Waco is up at least five feet from its normal 462 feet. Lake Belton is at 602, and still rising.
Stillhouse Hollow was holding steady at 525, but this was before the latest storms moved through.

“Belton Lake is currently occupied at 18 percent of its flood pool and is releasing over 36 hundred cubic feet per second of water,” says Belton Lake manager Joshua Brown.

The US Army Corp of engineers had to close off portions of Lake Belton, even though the lakes are still open, lake official Joshua Brown gives some water safety tips.

“Boaters should operate at slower speed and always wear their life jackets if you’re planning on swimming or wading, you should be aware of unseen hazards,” says Brown.

Lake Belton officials want people to keep caution with the heavy rain.

“When our lakes flood obstructions that normally be visible and they’re now under water and it can be hard to detect debris is also washed into the body of the lake and can float at or near the water surface these hazards are hard to detect until you’re right up on them,” says Brown.

Because of the water levels being high in several lakes, Wade Diggs and his friends had to change their usual fishing location.

“We came out here to a different spot because we wanted to come out to the pier because our other spot was completely flooded over,” says Belton resident Wade Diggs.

The US Army Corp of engineers says the lakes are operating as designed, they will reopen facilities as quickly as possible when the water receded.

“If there’s a lot of damage that needs to be repaired then we wont be able to open things after that we will try to get things opened as soon as possible,” says Brown

You can check the status of parks on the lakes’ home pages. For Belton Lake visit https://www.swf-wc.usace.army.mil/belton/. For Stillhouse Hollow Lake visit https://www.swf-wc.usace.army.mil/stillhouse/.