What to do when large hail strikes


One of the biggest threats Wednesday night into Thursday morning is possible large hail.

Which is especially dangerous for drivers still on the roads.

“I don’t even know, am I supposed to get out? Not get out, but like stop driving? Just anywhere I could get shelter from, I guess it just depends on where you are,” said Jasmine Williams, student at MCC.

Though seeking shelter is the first thing on a drivers mind, it’s important to do so safely.

“We encourage people not to park under the overpasses because again only a small amount of cars will fit under there you don’t want to do that. And I understand people dont want to get their car damaged but there’s also the possibility of other impacts or consequences of that,” said Frank Patterson, Emergency Management Coordinator at MCC.

Patterson says never underestimate the possibility of severe weather.

“The key is I think for an event like this is to be weather aware, seek shelter. They are predicting some significantly large hail the reports are forecasted for some areas maybe up to baseball size,” said Patterson.

That’s when hail becomes the most dangerous.

“Wednesday night we are expecting stronger storms and some of those rounds of storms main threats would be large hail and possibly some strong winds as well can’t go out and isolated tornado but the hail size were expecting tonight is quarter-size to up to ping pong sized with an inch and a half,” said FOX 44 Weekend Meteorologist Michelle Trotter.

When it does hit, its always important to be prepared.

“You don’t want to get hit in the head with it, so seek shelter, you know stay out of that, if you are outside you obviously want to get inside,” said Patterson.

The McLennan County Emergency Management says we are in the middle of severe weather season, and they have ways to to warn people both inside their homes and out.

They encourage people to sign up for weather alerts through Everybridge, their emegerncy notification system.

It sends you weather alerts that you can choose to gets as a text, email or phone call.

But, when you are outdoors, they use sirens for warning purposes.

“These are outdoor warning sirens, they are for people who you know are at a park, walking outside, to go ahead and seek shelter, you will not hear these sirens inside your house, that’s not what they are made for, that’s why we encourage like i said earlier about the weather radios and having everbridge and staying on social media, tuning into your news channels to really be aware of what’s going on,” said Elizabeth Thomas, Interim Emergency Management Coordinator for McLennan County.

FOX 44 also has a mobile app that you can download for FREE.

You can sign up for alerts for your county or use the interactive radar to track the storms.

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