As a 32 year old man shot by Waco police officers recovers, we are learning more about just why the US Marshals task force was looking for him in the first place.

Jonathan Gober Tucker was taken to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Hospital after he was shot Tuesday afternoon when he refused to drop a loaded 9 millimeter handgun and turned toward police in a gesture they considered threatening.

He was placed  under US marshal guard while recovering from the incident that occurred after he fled task force members trying to arrest him at a home on North 29th Street in Waco.

According to papers obtained from the U-S Attorney’s Office for the Western district of Texas, Gober had been on supervised release after serving just under four years of a sentence for counterfeiting.

A federal warrant was obtained for his arrest for a total of seven violations of his release.

Court papers indicate that three of the violations involved the use or possession of methamphetamine.

A fourth violation was the failure to follow instructions of a probation officer to submit a urine sample for drug testing.

A fifth was for the possession of an open container of alcohol in a car.

A sixth was violating state law by driving a car without insurance

And a seventh was attempting to tamper with the collection of urine sample by using some type of device.

In the meantime, parallel investigations into the shooting incident are continuing and two officers involved are on paid administrative leave.