Why mosquitoes are so attracted to you


HOUSTON (KIAH) It’s mosquito season and everything is bigger in Texas, including mosquitoes (at least it sure feels like it). Houston tops the most of extreme mosquito activity for peak season in July.

Two mosquito samples testing positive for West Nile in the Woodlands just a couple of weeks ago. So, it’s been an active season.

So here are a few reasons mosquitoes may be MORE attracted to you…

Blood Type that attracts mosquitos the most

If you have Type O blood, you’re most likely to be a target. They prefer that more than any other blood type. If you have Type A, you’re next. Type B blood comes in third, according to healthline research.

Body attractions for mosquitos

What else could be attracting mosquitos? Sweat and body odor, so if you’re hiking and working out in the elements, look out! You’re also building up another attractor for the pests – lactic acid.

Pregnancy attracts mosquitos

If you’re pregnant, you’re also twice as much of a target. Guys, you don’t get away so easily either. Mosquitos are also attracted to larger and hotter (as in warmer) people.

Booze attracts mosquitos

Having alcohol in your bloodstream also makes you tastier to mosquitos.

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