Waco police say a man sought in a violent attack on a woman in a local motel has been arrested in WIlliamson County and brought back to face charges.

David Earl Johnson was charged with robbery in connection with the incident that occurred August 28 at the Uptown Motel in the 600 block of North 5th Street.

Waco police were told by the victim that she and her attacker were friends and that he had visited her in her room when he suddenly got violent.

The arrest affidavit filed in the case quoted the victim as saying she told the man she didn’t feel well and was going to bed, that she was upset about a recent death.

She told officers he began striking her in the face repeatedly and began strangling her, saying she was afraid she was going to die right there.

She said he then took her prescription medicine and money from her purse and left.

She told officers he told her he would kill her if she called police and that she was very afraid for her life.

The affidavit said she had moved and was in hiding.

She was able to give police a good description of where he lived with an elderly uncle, with investigating officers finding another report taken a day before the attack on the woman where a 73-year-old man had been assaulted at that address. 

Officers obtained a warrant on a robbery charge for Johnson, who was arrested in late September in Williamson County and this week brought back to McLennan County.