Baylor’s Women in Business organization held it’s last event for March to wrap up women’s history month with a celebration.

Young women came together for the social event to network and expand their business community.

The group empowers female baylor students to flourish in the world of business by organizing professional, service and social events each month.

Today, they put on a social event called “WAGS for WIB.”

The organization brought in dogs from the Humane Society in hopes of getting more adpptions.

Building a strong community of business leaders is critical to the success of the organization.

“Especially as a woman. And in business it’s so hard, but it’s important to find your community as early as you can. And I think college is a great time to do that because you never know who’s going to be by your side in the future. And even the next five years is very beneficial to your career as a whole.”

The organization just completed, the Professional Development Summit, one of its largest professional events of the year.

The summit provided members with networking opportunities with women in the local community as well as in Dallas and Houston.