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As Early Voting comes to a close on April 30, key issues for the May 4 Elections don’t seem to be reflecting in the numbers.

“The numbers typically….cities and schools don’t pull as many people. Usually it’s about five to ten percent of the people that come out and vote versus….we’ll see 60 percent of the people come out for the presidential election,” says Kathy Van Wolfe, of the McLennan County Elections Administration.

“We need a new school for the junior high kids,” says Robinson ISD School Board President Laura Crawford.

Robinson’s number one issue is the school bond to renovate the junior high school.

“The school that we have was built in 1969. It’s 50 years old,” Crawford says.

Crawford says there is some safety and old building issues needing to be addressed. She also wants to clear up some of the pushback on the bond.

“I have people saying, ‘Well, they won’t fix my street so I won’t vote for the school.’ ‘Well, the city can’t build schools and the schools can’t fix your streets.’ It’s two completely different taxing entities,” Crawford says.

After a contentious year surrounding the Hewitt City Council between former City Manager Adam Miles and the resignation of former Councilman Kurt Krakowian last summer, it’s looking to be a major election for the Hewitt community.

“I’ve owned what I’ve done and I’m ready to move forward. And I think he went much better, but can be a much better place than it ever has been,” Adam Miles said last February.

The City of Mart is getting involved in the May 4 Election. One City Council member even painted a mural on an old barn to get peoples’ attention. 

City Council Member Haley Pankonien, whose parents own the property, says this sign is not only prompting people to head to the polls and help tackle some of Mart’s ongoing issues, but to also be a positive symbol for the city.

“This is about giving people a positive thing when they come into town, and I really hope that we can work together and get things done,” Pankonien says.

There is just one day left for Early Voting.

Central Texans will be voting on key issues including bonds, City Council seats and school board seats.

As of April 27th, 64 people have voted in Bellmead, 188 has voted in Crawford and 1,066 have voted in Robinson.

More than 1,849 people have voted in McLennan County. This also includes mail-in ballots.

For a list of Early Voting locations in Central Texas, you can view our previous story here.

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