Voter enthusiasm fueling competitive races for public office

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McLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – This year’s election has energized voter enthusiasm – attracting more than 9 million Texas voters to the polls.

Statewide early voting has exceeded the total ballots cast early in the 2016 General Election.

The engagement this year is raising the stakes, as both parties prepare for returns on a possibly record-breaking election.

“We are taking this election with upmost seriousness. More serious than I’ve ever experienced,” said Dr. Bradford Holland, the Chairman of the McLennan County Republican Party.

“This is an election that not many people want to sit on the sidelines [for]. Its a black or white, do or die, life/death elections,” said Mary Duty, the Chairwoman of the McLennan County Democratic Party.

There was a similar sense of enthusiasm for both parties in 2016. It led the Republican party to the White House, and the Democratic party back to the drawing board after their defeat.

“We really thought given the polling, given the stark contrast between the two candidates, that Hilary Clinton would prevail. And we were blindsided,” said Duty.

“I think we will do very well down the ballot. I think we’re all watching at the top of the race and nationally to see what’s going to happen with this competitive race. We expect it to be competitive. Some states to be close,” said Dr. Holland.

The Democrats say they have spent President Trump’s term building a coalition to take back the White House, the Senate and several key local races getting thousands of new voters registered with a plan to vote.

“We’ve had people in this office that have worked tirelessly for four years to be sure that we’ve got the infrastructure put together. That we’ve got the allied groups together. We’ve got the messaging we need, so that we can elect people up and down the ballot,” Duty said.

All while Republicans say they have spent the last four years re-enforcing their party’s values – hopeful for another victory next month.

“We’ve actually had about a 30 percent turnout from just those people that don’t look likely to vote, but that we’ve texted to vote and they have shown up to the polls, so it’s been very successful,” Dr. Holland shared.

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