Waco mayoral candidates reflect on wild campaign year

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WACO, Texas – Both candidates for Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver’s vacant seat admitted 2020 was not an ideal year for a campaign – with COVID restrictions keeping them from meeting voters in person and backing the election up from May to November.

The race pits five-year City Council (District IV) veteran Dillon Meek against political newcomer David Morrow. Both faced unforeseen road blocks on the campaign trail this year.

“Normally, I would be walking the precincts and talking to folks,” Morrow said. “It’s harder when you can’t just interact with them face to face.”

Meek has tried to compensate for the lost time whenever possible.

“You can’t replace shaking hands, and I miss that,” Meek said. “It’s been great to get on the phone and talk to people, to jump on a Zoom call and join in any virtual forums that I can to try and communicate my platform, and why I’m running to as many people as I can.”

Morrow thinks his non-political background can provide a fresh start for the city.

“I don’t have pre-conceived notions. I don’t have friends that I owe favors to. I don’t have real estate interests,” Morrow said.

Meek, on the other hand, doesn’t see himself as a career politician, saying he only works for the betterment of the city.

“I know that my track record shows that I’ve worked, along with the other Council members, to make the right call and the right decisions for this community,” Meek said. “I’m not subject to any favors from anybody.”

Meek also thinks his business background and City Council experience are the perfect mix to run Waco.

“Government is not a business. It’s not,” Meek said. “When you’re thinking about return on investment, when you’re making a decision, is important. Sometimes the return isn’t gonna be quantitative, and you’re obviously moving forward with compassion towards people.”

Both candidates are anticipating record-breaking numbers at the polls come November 3.

“The voter turnout was really impressive, and I’m excited about it,” Morrow said. “To have a strong democracy, we need everyone to participate.”

You can click here for a full list of voting centers in McLennan County.

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