WACO, TX — The Cowboys face the Ravens tomorrow night, and there could very well be, a little extra motivation for Dez Bryant, after the Cowboys parted ways with their all-time franchise leader in touchdown catches.

After leaving the Cowboys, Bryant has overcome a lot of adversity, battling back from a torn Achilles, shortly after signing with the New Orleans Saints. After making a full recovery, Bryant was about to hang it up, until his daughter inspired him, to get back to the game he loves.

“To be honest, it was my daughter,” Dez Bryant said. “My daughter kept asking me if I was gonna play football, and I would just ignore the question, and then I was like, ‘you know what baby, I’m gonna give it a go,’ I started training, I got myself to a point where I felt like I could get back out there. I hit my agent up, my agent made a couple calls, got in touch with GM Eric and coach Harbaugh and we made it happen, I’m extremely thankful for Eric and Coach for giving me this opportunity.”

Kickoff is set for Tuesday at 7:05pm on KWKT Fox44.