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Which Under Armour hat is best?

Under Armour offers an array of hats for adults and children in different styles and colors, though the classic baseball cap is perhaps the best known. All Under Armour hats are designed for athletic use, providing a comfortable fit for outdoor sports and activities. The Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Hat is a practical, breathable hat that stays comfortable in all kinds of weather. 

What to know before you buy an Under Armour hat

How it’s made

Most Under Armour hats feature a threaded logo or design on the exterior. They are made from polyester or acrylic. Polyester is durable, breathable and abrasion-resistant, while acrylic is better insulated for cold weather use. Polyester is best for maintaining a distinct shape, while acrylic pairs well with elastic components. 

Select Under Armour hats have a feature called Armour Vent, which includes foam-filled panels designed by Under Armour for better airflow. These panels help you stay cool and dry even as you engage in physical activity. 

Types of hats

Under Armour sells four hat styles, though its widest selection focuses on baseball caps

  • Baseball caps have a soft rounded exterior that covers the top of the head with a curved visor to protect you from sun glare. While “baseball” is in the name, this style is also popular with golfers and joggers. 
  • Knit beanies fit snugly on the head and are designed to keep you warm in chilly weather. Made from an elastic material for a secure yet comfortable fit, they are ideal for skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Visors are similar to baseball caps but have no top-of-head coverage, fitting around the head like a headband while providing sun glare protection. Visors are more breathable overall, but expose the top of your head to the sun. They are frequently seen on the tennis court.  
  • Bucket hats are loose fabric hats with narrow brims that slope down around the face. Unlike with baseball caps and visors, the sun-shading rim goes all the way around the hat. They are the preferred hats in the fishing community and among those who spend a lot of time out by the water. 


Most men’s and women’s hats are available in small/medium, medium/large and large/extra-large sizes. The only significant difference between men’s and women’s hats is sizing, so size up or down according depending on the circumference of your head. Youth hats are available in small/medium and medium/large. 

What to look for in a quality Under Armour hat


When it comes to athletic wear, adjustability is key to comfort and ease of use. While not all Under Armour hats are adjustable, plenty of the baseball caps and visors use webbed or hook and loop closure for adjusting the size. Bucket hats feature an interior cord you pull to to tighten the fit. 


A great sweatband is smooth and comfortable against your forehead. It keeps sweat from dripping down your face but also dries quickly so your head isn’t damp all day. Under Armour sweatbands have some stretch to them and are soft to the touch.

Room for hair

If you have longer hair, a space in the back through which a ponytail can be slipped is important. This lets you tie your hair back without the hat pressing down on the bump produced by the hair tie.

How much you can expect to spend on an Under Armour hat

They cost $12-$30 with the average price landing between $20-$25.

Under Armour hat FAQ

Does Under Armour run true to size?

A. Some Under Armour apparel and accessories run a little small, so keep this in mind when looking at hats. This applies to both one-size hats and hats that come in different sizes. 

Are the hats machine-washable?

A. Most Under Armour baseball caps and knit caps are machine-washable, but always double-check by looking at the tag.  Even machine-washable hats should not go in the dryer, which can adversely affect shape or elasticity. 

Are they made in the United States? 

A. Under Armour products are made by manufacturers in 18 countries, including Vietnam, Jordan, Malaysia and China.  

What’s the best Under Armour hat to buy?

Top Under Armour hat

Best Under Armour Men's Launch Run Hat

Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Hat

What you need to know: Available in several colors, this polyester baseball cap features the Under Armour logo on the front and an adjustable hook and loop closure in the back.

What you’ll love: It’s comfortable and breathable, keeping your head cool in warm weather. There’s an opening in the back that can accommodate a ponytail. It’s durable and lightweight, and it wicks sweat well. Additionally, it’s machine-washable.

What you should consider: It runs a little on the small side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Under Armour hat for the money

Best Under Armour Women's Play Up Visor

Under Armour Women’s Play Up Visor

What you need to know: Available in three colors, this polyester visor features the Under Armour logo embroidered on the front and an adjustable webbed closure in the back.

What you’ll love: There’s a sweatband with odor protection and some stretch to it. It is durable and maintains its shape well over time.

What you should consider: It is not machine-washable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Under Armour Men's Tactical Stealth Beanie 2.0

Under Armour Men’s Tactical Stealth Beanie 2.0

What you need to know: This acrylic black beanie is ribbed with the embroidered Under Armour logo on the front of the fold-over cuff. 

What you’ll love: The acrylic knit design keeps your head warm. It wicks sweat and dries quickly. It stretches so you get a good fit. It’s machine-washable.

What you should consider: It runs a little small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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