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Which brushed nickel curtain rod is best?

A curtain rod may go unnoticed in many social settings, but it is an essential aspect of your home décor in addition to supporting your window treatments. Many curtain rods today have stylish designs and come in many finishes that fit just about any decorating motif. One of the more common finishes is brushed nickel.

Brushed nickel curtain rods provide a stylish and smooth look that is durable and prone to keep its polished look. For its simple and stylish design, the top-recommended brushed nickel curtain rod is the Umbra Chroma Tension Rod.

What to know before you buy a brushed nickel curtain rod

There are different nickel finishes

The two main nickel finishes for curtain rods are brushed nickel and satin nickel. Brushed nickel has a brighter look than satin nickel’s muted appearance. Brushed nickel gets its smooth appearance with a wire brush. Brushed nickel is a long-lasting finish and easy to clean. Additionally, brushed nickel curtain rods tend to be less expensive than satin nickel finished models.

There are different types of finials

The decorative ends of curtain rods are known as finials. These knobs keep the window treatment from sliding off the rod, but they also are part of the overall style since they can be seen by people in that particular room. Look for finials that fit your décor goals as well as the finish of the curtain rod itself.

There are different types of brackets

Brushed nickel curtain rod mounting brackets will vary in quality. Anyone who has installed brass curtain rods knows that some manufacturers provide high-quality brackets and hardware. Others leave a lot to be desired. Some brushed nickel curtain rods do not come with brackets. Some consumers prefer to buy separate brackets anyway to ensure the highest quality.

What to look for in a quality brushed nickel curtain rod


Brushed nickel curtain rods come in lengths between 12 to 144 inches. Some brushed nickel curtain rods are only one length, which is a stronger design. However, many adjustable rods are also available on the market. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that they don’t collapse from being extended too far.


Most brushed nickel curtain rods will come with a diameter between 0.5 and 1.125 inches. Those rods under one inch in diameter are typically meant for lightweight curtains and smaller window treatments. Make sure to check your brackets since not all brackets are designed for different sizes.

Double rods

A single brushed nickel curtain rod is all you need, if only hanging curtains. However, double rods are available for hanging sheer panels behind the curtains. Double rods include special brackets and hardware in addition to the second brushed nickel curtain rod being thinner because it is holding less weight.

How much you can expect to spend on a brushed nickel curtain rod

Basic brushed nickel curtain rods with marginal hardware run $15-$40, while more stylish brushed nickel curtain rods- often double rods- with better mounting hardware cost between $40-$75. Extra-long brushed nickel curtain rods and those with special brackets start at $75 and can exceed $100.

Brushed nickel curtain rod FAQ

Are the finials changeable on brushed nickel curtain rods?

A. It depends on the brushed nickel curtain rod you select. Some finials slide off or snap onto the end of the metal rod. If you are looking to change finials, make sure they fit the diameter of your curtain rod. Many finials are permanently attached to the curtain rod. Be sure to check this feature before purchasing a set.

How do you keep brushed nickel curtain rods from falling down?

A. Installing mounting brackets properly is the best step to prevent your brushed nickel curtain rod from collapsing. Adjustable brushed nickel curtain rods also can fall down if they are overextended, causing too much weight in the middle. Make sure you have the proper length installed.

What are the best brushed nickel curtain rods to buy?

Top brushed nickel curtain rod

Umbra Chroma Tension Rod

Umbra Chroma Tension Rod

What you need to know:  This curtain rod is stylish and offers a soft nickel appearance that fits with a wide variety of home interior designs.

What you’ll love: The metal curtain rod is 0.75 inches in diameter and includes cast-metal finials. The adjustable rod extends between 36 to 54 inches to fit a wide range of window sizes. The tension rod allows you to hang drapes without drilling.

What you should consider: There were a few reports of the finish rusting when positioned in humid areas.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top brushed nickel curtain rod for the money

Kenney Kendall Standard Brushed Nickel Curtain Rod

Kenney Kendall Standard Brushed Nickel Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This stylish brushed nickel curtain rod is versatile and very affordable for its overall look.

What you’ll love: The curtain rod is 0.625 inches in diameter, and the telescoping rod adjusts between 48 to 86 inches. It is intended for medium or lightweight curtains. Mounting hardware and finials are included.

What you should consider: You will need a helper to install the brackets as the drilling configuration is challenging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Ivilon Brushed Nickel Drapery Window Curtain Rod

Ivilon Brushed Nickel Drapery Window Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This modern-designed brushed nickel curtain rod has outstanding ratings and is extra strong for all your drapery needs.

What you’ll love: The one-inch diameter metal rod is extra strong. The adjustable rod extends between 28 to 48 inches. It is ready to hang with all matching hardware and instructions. Matching clip and loop rings are sold separately.

What you should consider: There were some concerns that the actual diameter of the curtain rod was closer to 7/8-inch.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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