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Which drafting tables are best?

The best drafting tables can make or break the experience for any artist or creator. When it comes to purchasing the best drafting table for your needs, it’s important to identify what features you want, like extra storage, a particular material or designs of a specific size..

Out of several options, the SD Studio Designs Futura Tower Silver and Blue Drafting Table is one of the more versatile drafting table options out there and comes at a reasonable price for what it offers.

What to know before you buy a drafting table


Different artists may not agree on the best drafting tables, largely depending on the wide range of needs that vary between creators of differing mediums. It’s important to refine how you plan to use your drafting table before you make your purchase, to make sure it suits your needs better than other models out there.

Size of space

The best drafting table needs to fit into the place you plan to put it. Most drafting table product descriptions list their overall sizes in the product descriptions.

Design and material options

Drafting tables come in various design and material options, most often combining elements of metal with either glass or wood for the tabletop. While many prefer glass drafting table tops to those in wood, others go with wood for locations where the drafting table may be vulnerable to shattering.

What to look for in a quality drafting table

Tilting top

People tend to buy drafting tables for their tilting tops. Drafting tables often tilt to varying degrees, with low-end models having a limited number or range of tiltable adjustments, while high-end drafting tables may offer complete angle adjustability or a wide range of angles.


Some drafting tables include drawers, surface slots or other useful storage options. Some models may include storage options such as cup and pencil holders.

Pencil ridge

Most drafting tables include what’s called a “pencil ridge” at the table surface’s bottom, which can be useful for holding pens, pencils and other materials. A pencil ridge can hold up paper or other lightweight objects when the surface is tilted, without the use of tape or a clip, and may vary in wideness or location depending on the model you choose.

How much you can expect to spend on a drafting table

In most cases, cheap drafting tables cost around $80-$100, while mid-tier and high-end drafting tables usually range from $150 to more than $200.

Drafting table FAQ

Why are drafting tables tilted?

A. Drafting tables are tilted to allow artists to work on drawings, paintings or other activities without having to hunch over. The tilting feature in most drafting tables minimizes how far down the artist or user has to bend to reach the surface, with the user often using a clip, tape or other mechanism to fasten the work to the drawing board’s surface.

What are tilting drafting tables used for?

A. While most drafting tables do offer adjustable surface tilting, they can usually be laid flat for a wide variety of activities in addition to drawing and painting. Many prefer drafting tables with storage for arts-and-crafts activities, for 3D mediums or as desks on their own.

What are the best drafting tables to buy?

Top drafting table

Studio Designs Futura Tower Silver and Blue Glass Drafting Table

Studio Designs Futura Tower Silver and Blue Glass Drafting Table

What you need to know: Despite the high price tag, this drafting table has just about all of what a user needs for drawing, including an adjustable work surface, cup holders and a supply drawer.

What you’ll love: This glass drafting table has six adjustment points ranging from 0 degrees to 40 degrees, along with a useful magnetic corkboard for storing items with magnets. This table includes art trays for pens, pencils and other materials as well as a thin, slide-out drawer.

What you should consider: Some buyers found this model to be a bit too expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top drafting table for the money

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station and Adjustable Drafting Table With Wheels

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station and Adjustable Drafting Table With Wheels

What you need to know: This drafting table includes casters for moving around a studio or space, as well as three bottom drawers for storage and an adjustable top.

What you’ll love: Buyers of this drafting table model love its low price in addition to storage and wheels to make it more portable than most. It includes a sturdy, metal frame as well as side trays and a pencil ridge on the adjustable table top.

What you should consider: A few that purchased this model accidentally damaged the plastic drawers due to the thin build.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SEI Furniture Knightley Tilt-Top Drafting Table With Oak Wood Finish and Antique Brass

SEI Furniture Knightley Tilt-Top Drafting Table With Oak Wood Finish and Antique Brass

What you need to know: Those wanting a more decorative element to their drafting tables will love this oak finished table with antique brass, featuring a tilting top and a minimal design.

What you’ll love: This simple drafting table is perfect for fitting in with rustic home decor, offering an unassuming desk-like look with antique brass legs, along with the added bonus of a tilting oak top. It also features a huge pencil ridge at the front of the desk.

What you should consider: Some buyers found this either too expensive or too heavy and ended up going with a different model.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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