As of Saturday morning the United States’ most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps, had competed in more than 60 Olympic swimming races and was scheduled for one more.

He had so far earned 26 medals, 22 of them gold.

Sekou Kaba, a Canadian track and field athlete, reacted Friday to Phelps’ Olympic accomplishments.

“It’s awesome. I’m rooting for him,” Kaba said.  “I actually got to meet his family on my way down. I switched seats with his mom — I had no clue. Someone had to tell me.”

“But we took photos. Awesome lady, awesome family. So couldn’t be more happy for the guy. He’s the most decorated Olympic athlete so good for him,”

“I hope he’s inspiring others to strive for greatness,” Kaba said.

According to an account by the New York Times, yes indeed, Phelps has inspired others to greatness.  For example, in the 100 butterfly, swimmer Joseph Schooling of Singapore beat out Phelps for the gold. Schooling was described as being in a new wave of swimmers who were inspired by Phelp’s previous performances in the Olympic games.

Phelps has indicated the 2016 Olympics in Rio will be his last.