Abilene Is Front of Mind For Baylor As they prepare for ACU


The Baylor Lady Bears have been inundated with music about Abilene, the town from which their first round opponent hails from.

Coach Kim Mulkey put a few songs about Abilene on Baylor’s practice playlist, and she said she even occasionally sings the songs for her team.

“I play the music (singing) and then Sheryl Crow has a song about Abilene, doesn’t she? Y’all don’t know these things,” she asked of the gathered media. “I can tell by the look on your faces, and that disappoints me because I think y’all are well-rounded media people.”

Senior Kalani Brown was asked about her Head Coach’s singing, and she wasn’t ready to go full Simon Cowell on Mulkey.

“They’re great,” she said with a smile. “They’re good. I’m not going to say nothing negative about Coach. No, but she sings it over and over, so it does get a little — I don’t know what’s the word.”

The Lady Bears will either be California Dreaming or have Carolina on their mind if they can take care of Abilene Christian at 4:30pm on Saturday.

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