Aggies Looking Forward to Playing in Pro-Style Offense


Texas A&M will look a little different offensively in 2018 as they transition to Jimbo Fisher’s pro-style offense.

Fisher and A&M will not be lining up in power-I every play, but they will integrate the fullback and tight-end much more.

Junior running back Trayveon Williams is looking forward to having another body leading the way for him in the run game.

“Every time I get asked this question, I start smiling, with the thought of having a fullback, that’s nice,” he said. “That’s a guy that can go inside the hole before me and open things up. We have a great offensive line in front of us, and then we have a great fullback that can set things up so yeah, I love the pro style.”

Center Erik McCoy said the transition hasn’t been too tough, and he likes the pro-style elements Fisher is incorporating.

“I think it’s pretty cool that we have fullback, it’s a guy that’s another blocker that we can use, and give the ball to at times,” he said. “He definitely leads the way for our running back, on a lot of plays and I think it’s going to be awesome having one back there.”

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