WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Astros first year manager, Dusty Baker, continues to get a feel for the team at spring training, and he’ll have a lot of insight on Saturday, after their first spring game. Reigning American League Rookie of the Year, Yordan Alzarez, is expected to have another big season, after hitting .313 last year, with 27 home runs.

“Very happy to be part of this team, now, for the full season,” Yordan Alvarez said. “Obviously, last year was a great experience to come in and meet the guys, but now, being a little bit more comfortable with the group, I’m excited for the season.”

“He’s far more mature than his age says,” Dusty Baker said. “This guy has a heck of an idea, I saw him today hit a ball, I thought it was a fly ball, it went out of the park, boy, you got a weapon like that, you put him in the middle of the order, sort of makes everybody else better.”