WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The Houston Astros were faced with questions once again about the sign-stealing scandal that has rocked baseball for the last month.

Players like Josh Reddick said the Astros are doing what they can to try to win back some respect.

“We’ve done pretty much everything we can do,” says Reddick. “Just keep asking for peers’ forgiveness, and hopefully they can come around to us one day and understand that we really are remorseful.”

For this team, they now want to turn the page to 2020.

“I understand the severity of this situation. I truly do,” says Outfielder George Springer. “But I feel like the best thing for us and the best thing for us and our game to do – especially for us, is to try to put this behind us however that’s possible. But yeah, it’s good to get back out there.”

Shortstop Carlos Correa wants to leave 2017 behind and put their energy into bringing home another World Title.

“We want to put 2017 behind us. Last year we were close to winning another world championship when everything happened, but that’s how baseball works. But this is going to be a big year for us, and we’re excited. I mean, we’ve got a great team.”

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