Baylor Baseball has won 16 of their last 18 games to put themselves squarely in the regional conversation.

Back in April this team was just 16-17 when coach Steve Rodriguez started doing the math and told the team that from that point, 30 wins was their goal. With 5 assured games left to play the Bears are at 30 wins.

“I just kind of thought, if we can get to 30-wins, We’re going to make that decision very difficult, for that committee,” Rodriguez said. “That’s what I told them i said you guys need to get to 30 wins. How and where you get them, I’m not going to worry about that but we just need o get to 30 wins and they did. I realize I should have said 35 but I was trying to be reasonable.”

Closer Troy Montemayor likes the way the team has come together and hopes they can finish this season the right way.

“It’d be great,” he said. “Rod gave us a goal of 30 wins. We had to go 13-4 to finish the season and we got 13 in a row, It was sweet. I don’t know how we pulled together like that, we all bought in at the same time.”

The Bears currently rank 5th in the Big 12 Conference just a game behind 4th place Texas Tech.