Baylor Football Participating in ‘Lift For Life’


Baylor Football will be participating in “Lift for Life” next Wednesday July 25th benefiting those afflicted with rare diseases.

Lift for Life started back in 2003 at Penn State, by a Nittany Lion letterman Scott Shirley. Baylor director of Athletic performance for Football Jeremy Scott was working at Penn State, at the time, and is excited to bring this to the Waco community.

“I was fortunate to be a part of the first lift for life, at Penn State,” Scott said. “I know the Penn State players that actually started it, Scott Shirley — his father had a rare disease and kidney cancer. He came up with idea to raise money and help the rare disease community. I thought it would be a great idea and a great boost to our community, for our players to put all their hard work to a great cause and to raise money for the people that are suffering from rare diseases.”

The players have been promoting the event through social media for the last few days and Scott is proud of his guys for picking up the torch and embracing the event.

“I think sometimes — especially the younger kids — they don’t realize the kind of platform they have,” Scott said. “For them to go after this and realize how many people follow them on twitter, and are really involved. how many people really love Baylor football, and as we go along here we’re able to utilize that platform, to help raise money. I think it will be great, for them to understand later in life what kind of platform they have, and the good that they can do.”

Scott gets to see these guys compete against each other throughout the year and he looks forward to those competitive juices going to a good cause.

“It’s great to see,” he said. “We have a great group of young men, here. they work really hard and they care. When I brought thius idea up to them they were all about it. They’re all getting out on social media to try and raise the most money, and I think they’ll compete on that, so it’s going to be a real fun day for us.”

The Bears are raising money by lifting weights, with position groups competing against each other. you can donate a flat amount or per rep by visiting

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