Baylor Looking Forward to Early-Kick Against OSU


For The first time in over a month the Baylor Bears will be at McLane stadium on Saturday, when they kick off at 11:00am.

The bears are playing their first 11:00am game of the season. In four instances last year they went 1-3, but given a choice Matt Rhule likes having the early-kick times.

“I’d play at 9:00am if I could,” He said. “There was a time where Coach Diaco was coaching at UCONN. I was trying to convince us all to have a 9:00 thanksgiving game, because I thought we could;d get it on ABC. I like to get up and play. i certainly want it to be convenient for the fans, don’t get me wrong. I love playing the game, getting the win, going home, watching college football and being a fan. Our players, they come to practice, they go to class and then come back over here for practice, now you’re talking about a 7:30 game where we’re sitting around in our hotel every day, it builds up a lot of anxiety for the players. I love 11:00am games, but I just like to play, I’ll play any time.”

The Bears have won their last three meetings in Waco against Oklahoma State.

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