The Baylor mens basketball team has four non-conference games remaining to get ready for Conference play which begins on December 29th.

The Bears are down to practicing with six-healthy scholarship players, trying to find the right combinations on the floor, with the players that are left. The Bears already with T.J. Maston for the next month and they are trying to find the right combinations before they get into conference play.

“These next few games are critical,” Guard King McClure said. “We’ve got to find ourselves without T.J. We’ve got to find those lineups. This practice is going to help us these next few games without T.J. because we miss him a lot.”

The Bears are finishing up their finals for the fall semester, and Coach Drew feels like nce finals are over they can really get into their play sheet.

“Once finals is over especially, you’ll be able to spend quality time practicing and getting guys all caught up with the plays,” he said. “Right now it’s kind of a short playlist. but by the time you get to conference everyone will have valuable experience, so that without T.J. they’re much better off, and then when he comes back they’ll have that much more experience.”

The Bears next opportunity to tweak their lineups will be on Saturday when they host Randall at Fort Hood. This is the 3rd installment of this game played on the Central Texas military base, and it’s a tradition the team is really taking to.

“It’s a throwback -type game, playing the the small gym, and you’ve got the high-school type atmosphere,” Drew said. “But the purpose and the meaning is so great from the standpoint, of the soldiers that are deployed, might be able to see their families, and loved ones in the stands and for people there it allows them to have a family night together over the holidays.”

Baylor and Randall tip-off at 6:00pm on Saturday night at Fort Hood.