The Baylor Bears struggled mightily last year protecting the passer ranking 121st in the country in sacks allowed.

With added depth this season, new offensive line coach, Shawn Bell, said the mindset in his room has changed.

“The expectations for our group is the standard has to raise,” he said. “Our goal is top be the best unit on the team and compete to be one of the best in the big 12. Every day we go out there we know it’s on us and we want that on us. We want it to come down to how we play and the guys have really responded so well.”

Senior offensive lineman Blake Blackmar is not looking for places to shed blame, but takes full responsibility for his group, a room determined to turn a weakness into a strength.

“You know if the quarterback is not making a good throw it’s probably because he isn’t getting enough time,” he said. “We have the talent at receiver. We have the talent at running back. We have good smart intelligent guys out there that come in and get extra work. and do everything they’re supposed to. It’s really on us if the offense isn’t going because we’re not moving the line of scrimmage or we’re not protecting well enough.”