Baylor Set For Showdown with Syracuse


Baylor basketball has put their four game losing streak behind them as they prepared for their NCAA Tournament opener, on Wednesday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Senior guard King McClure has been a part of a team that made a run to the sweet sixteen, but has also been bounced in the first round and he knows the importance of flushing anything that has happened to this point.

“I’d forgot we lost four games in a row until you just said it but you know I just feel like that’s in the past,” he said. “You know we’re looking forward to our future. We’re not worried about what happened the last game. This is a new season. It’s the Tournament. Anything can happen. Anything is possible.”

One of the guys responsible for knocking King and company out in the first round is Makai Mason, who now wears green and gold and he knows you just can’t let the setting overwhelm you.

“The biggest thing is just going to be just not letting the moment get too big,”  Obviously the media attention and the crowd and even the arena, playing in an NBA arena can get a little bit overwhelming sometimes but if you just focus on each play I think there’s going to be good results.”

Tip off slated for 857 central time tomorrow, that game will be televised on truTV.

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