Baylor Shuffling Their Offensive Line This Spring


The Baylor football team ranked last in the Big 12 last year in sacks allowed, which has been a big talking point for the offensive line entering this spring.

Offensive line coach Shawn Bell said the sack numbers must go down, so they are leaving no stone un-turned to find the best five guys.

“One of the things we’ve done this spring is use the opportunity to rotate guys around,” he said. “Our number one goal is to find the five best, we don;t care who they are, We’ve been trying guys at right side left side, inside outside, center. so our goal is to find those five best guys.”

Sophomore Connor Galvin said rotating spots helps the guys understand each position better helping everyone work better together.

“I feel like it helps a lot,” he said. “If you’re playing left tackle and you get switched to left guard then you already know what the left tackle has to do, so that helps your job be faster and smoother.”

The Offensive line working closely with the tight ends and their new coach Marcus Satterfield. Satterfield a former offensive coordinator, is transitioning back into his role on the field after serving as The Director of Recruiting, last year.

“I got to take a year off and tell everyone what they should have done,” Satterfield said with a smile. “Now I’m back on the field. I’m re-charged and ready to go so it’s an easy transition. like you said, we’ve all coached together forever so it’s been smooth.”

One of Satterfield’s star pupils is sophomore tight end Christoph Henle. Henle who was coached by Joey McGuire last year, said the two coaches are different in their approach, and even though he is now working with the defensive ends, he still makes sure Christoph stays on his toes.

“I would be at my locker and cramp up, because Joey was screaming at somebody,” he said. “He’s still on me a little bit, I know sometimes when I mess up he says didn’t;’t I teach you anything last year?”

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