Baylor Softball Looking Forward to Top-10 Test From LSU


The Baylor Softball team has struggled so far this season sitting at 17-27 on the season with a top-10 team in LSU coming to Getterman Stadium.

LSU a team where Baylor head Coach Glenn Moore started his career as a head coach, leading the Tigers for two seasons.

” A lot of great people down there and I was surrounded by great people as I am here and we were close to home so family was there a whole lot and it was just a good time,” Moore recalled of his time on the Bayou. “[We had] A lot of support, and we won a lot. I was blessed to start my career at LSU, for sure.”

This will also be a chance for Nicky Dawson to play against her former teammates after she transferred from LSU after her Freshman season.

“It’s hard because individually I would want my friends to succeed but I want us to come out with the team W,” she said. “So it will always be fun, it’s always fun for me, and it’s just a challenge. It makes it feel like being a little kid again, just being in the back yard playing with a bunch of friends.”

For the Lady Bears, postseason play is unlikely at this point, so they hope o use this weekend as a sampling for what big-time late-season softball will be like when they get back on that stage.

“We have quite a few players on our team that were in the world series two years ago, and that’s been valuable experience for them,” he said. “But we also have a young group of kids that have not and unfortunately they won’t experience that this year, either so we’re going to always schedule strong here because our expectations are to hang banners and we’ve hung quite a few, and the only way you do that is to make yourself better by playing good teams.”

Baylor and LSU will get their season started at 6:30pm on Friday Night at Getterman Stadium.

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