WACO — Baylor sixth-year senior Jairon McVea has seen a lot in his time at Baylor from the low’s of a 1-11 season to the high of a Big 12 Championship game berth, doing whatever is asked of him along the way.

McVea was asked to play multiple positions in the defensive backfield last year, his first year in a new defense, but this year he is focusing on free safety hoping that will free him up for a stellar senior year.

“Now I’m locked in at one position at free safety so that’s pretty easy,” he said. “That’s nice for me because I played all three safety positions last year which was a lot but you know, I’m here to help the team. So anything that they need me to do, I’ll go to it and try my best at it.”

Safeties Coach Matt Poweledge feels like McVea is vital to the success of this secondary, literally.

“He’s been like our Mark Vital, on the basketball team,” he said. “He’s kind of been our glue guy did a tremendous job last year from the standpoint of played three different positions played them all well and then did a tremendous job on special teams too.”

After the 2020 season where he played all over Poweledge feels like allowing McVea to settle in to one position should help him in 2021.

“We’re kind of focused in him a little bit more on one spot and I think we’ve seen him kind of develop this spring, and get a lot better just by focusing on one thing,” he said.