Baylor’s Dave Aranda Had a Lot to Celebrate on Draft Night in Green (Purple) and Gold


WACO — Baylor Head Football Coach Dave Aranda had a great experience watching the 2020 NFL draft seeing dreams come true for players from his current and former school.

Aranda had six of his defensive players from LSU get drafted including a pair in the first round. Now that he has traded his purple and gold for Green and Gold Aranda also enjoyed seeing Bears come off the Board as well.

“I was excited for a lot of our guys,” Aranda said. “I had the opportunity to talk to some of the, the draft selections here at Baylor. Some of them I had met, some of them I hadn’t. I was just sitting at home watching the draft, and I’m getting texts on when do you think Denzel is going to go? Or when you think so and so is going to go?”

While he might not have coached them he was still proud of the Bears that heard their name called and made sure they knew they were always welcome in Waco.

“We’re all kind of texting talking back and forth like we know each other,” Aranda said. “I told them that, we don’t know you, man but we’ll all root for you. When guys were getting drafted we were way excited and call them to wish them congratulations and tell them they are welcome here any time.”

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