Aranda’s Plan for Beating KSU in Manhattan

January 01 2022 12:00 am

WACO, TX — The No. 11 Bears hit the road this weekend, to play Kansas State, and the Bears have had their struggles on the road, with their two losses at Oklahoma State and TCU. Dave Aranda talked about addressing their road woes, and it all starts with the team creating their own energy.

“One thing that we have tried to establish and, you know, have not been as successful as I’d like, is that energy,” Dave Aranda said. “It’s not necessarily something that you catch it’s something that you create. I think when you catch it, you know it can be good. It can also not be good, if it’s a game and there’s not a bunch of people cheering for you or, you know, there’s not kind of an electric current kind of praise in your name, then all of a sudden I’m going to be down, right? And so I think for you to leave yourself open to your praise or criticism from the outside, it is a fight to get it coming from the inside out and really looking forward to addressing that.”

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