As The Spotlight Brightens Baylor Football’s Focus Must Narrow


WACO, Texas — The 8-0 Baylor Bears are gaining more national attention with each win, embarking on a season-defining stretch at TCU and then with back-to-back home games against Oklahoma and Texas.

With that national attention the Bears are under a microscope, and since it’s impossible to avoid the noise Matt Rhule does not want anyone to define what this football team should be or how they should play.

“Some of our players are starting to hear too much and they’re starting to think we have to win a certain way,” Rhule said. “Like you don’t have to win a certain way, like who are we to say we have to win a certain way like we were picked sixth in the conference, how about we just try to win each game and not listen to everybody saying hey you should win this way you should win that way like just try to win the game.”

Rhule said he was proud of the way his players gutted out a win on Thursday but he didn’t like the feeling on the sideline during the game.

“Our sideline wasn’t very good,” Rhule said. “We have coaches yelling at the officials, we have players yelling at other players, we have people that, you know, just play football man, you guys don’t yell at each other like that in practice so some of those young kids get out there and they were struggling, they have other guys yelling at them, they’re yelling back, I’m like do you think that helps you play better, you know, like I yell a lot in practice, but you don’t see me yell very much or get in a player’s face at a game cause I think game days are for them.”

The Big 12 Announced Monday that Baylor and Oklahoma would kick off at 6:30pm on Saturday Night November 16th.

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