Baylor Basketball Took Their Abrupt End in Stride


WACO, Texas — The Baylor Men’s Basketball team had their magical season ripped out from under them when the NCAA Tournament was canceled due to the spread of Coronavirus.

While the Bears were certainly disappointed in the outcome that despair didn’t last long thanks to senior Obim Okeke.

“When we gathered the team to kind of go over that after we knew the NCAA had canceled the tournament, very fitting one of our seniors open right away Obim [Okeke] said this is a blessed season let’s make this happy,” Drew said. “Look at all the things we’ve accomplished 23 game win streak being ranked longer number one than anyone since Kentucky in 2015. Fifteen conference wins, on and on and on and right away the mood just changed.”

With such an abrupt ending and an ever-changing situation with the pandemic, he didn’t really have time to reflect all that much.

“You know when the one shining moment video came out that one of my wife started crying,” he said. “I think the reality hit me you know our season is over.”

As the coaches look towards the next steps for their program, they are alsop making sure their current players are taken care of.

“I think we’ve been so busy in trying to make sure everybody’s taken care of and making sure everyone has what they need, as far as, are they back home? do they have their books,” Drew said. “Do they know what they need to do, and whatnot. Even though work has come to a halt. As far as what you can do, off campus. Making sure and taking care of our current student athletes is by far and away our biggest priority.”

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