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Baylor DC Phil Snow on Spread Offenses: ‘Things Might Be Changing’


Snow believes teams could start moving away from the spread

WACO — Baylor Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow believes the pendulum could be swinging back in favor of pro style offenses.

The spread offense came about in division one with Hal Mumme trying to close the gap between the bigger athletic teams in the SEC. Mike Leach had much more success with his version of the offense at Texas Tech and the Washington State. But now that the spread has exploded and so many teams are running it, Snow believes the bigger offenses are making a comeback.

The Big 12 is averaging almost 5-more points per game, as a league, than they did in 1998, with several of the member schools running some type of spread offense.

“Guys, I really believe college football is going to go back to having bigger people on the field,” Snow said. That’s what it sounds like. We just went to coaching school, a lot of the offensive coaches are talking, and they’re putting bigger people on the field. The spread we’ve been seeing might be coming closer, as a result. Things may be changing.”

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