Baylor Excited For Last-Minute Match-up with Houston


WACO — Baylor fans had to wait an extra week for their season opener, but their patience will be rewarded with a re-kindling of an old Southwest Conference Rivalry against Houston.

The game came together late in the week, so after a seemingly endless offseason, Dave Aranda and his team were working towards an uncertain target once again.

“They’re really excited,”Aranda said about the game. “That Tuesday was a down time for us. And the Wednesday and Thursday, the strength and conditioning. There was some time off just football-wise. We were able to connect with a lot of them at that point and kind of talk about what they were thinking, what they were feeling. They were just getting frustrated with, is this going to happen, when . . . are we really not playing until the 26th? And when we got the news, it was just really exciting.”

scheduling a game on short notice is not easy for anyone involved, but when the possibility of playing Houston arose, Aranda was on board.

“We had practice on Saturday and going into that practice, there was a thought that this could happen,” Aranda said. “Walking out of that practice, meeting with our staff, and then having discussions with Mack Rhoades, it was ‘Hey, if there’s an opportunity for us to do this, let’s do it.’ And that kind of came together Saturday evening. Since Saturday evening, we’ve been breaking down film, we’ve been cataloging plays and getting ready for game-planning. That was all day yesterday, and that’s continued all day today.”

The uncertain nature was an admittedly uncomfortable place for Dave Aranda who compared it to trading baseball cards like he did as a kid. But they are glad to have a game this coming Saturday.

“It just felt like as we were going through this process of like, ‘Hey, I’ve got a Steve Sax, can I trade you for a Steve Marshall?’ It just felt like we were trading baseball cards a little bit,” He said. “That was just very weird for me. And I’m glad that it worked out. But, I think from a coaching perspective, you’re such a planner by nature, and you’re so organized and ‘hey, this is what we’re doing nine months from now.’ So, when it gets to something like this, it shakes you a little bit. We’ll take it, because it’s what we need right now.”

Baylor and Houston will kick off at 11:00am Saturday morning on Fox 44 from McLane Stadium.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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