Baylor Football Learns to Adapt & Overcome Change


WACO, TX — Baylor’s scrimmage plans changed due to the weather, as they started out at the Allison Indoor Practice Facility. However, the weather cleared up, and the team went to McLane stadium, and the Bears have learned to adapt, playing through different situations and locations.

“Wherever we’re playing, it’s a parking lot. It’s a practice field. It’s an indoor it’s McLane Stadium, let’s line up and play,” Dave Aranda said. “Our skills can adapt to whatever the situation is. I think a little bit of the fight that we’ve been fighting is it has to be this certain way, and so I feel like that was improved.”

“We try not to let the outside affect the inside very much,” Dillon Doyle said. “It’s cool having our family here and it’s nice to make a play and look up and and see your people there, but, you know, at the end of the day, it’s fifty three and third yards wide and however long until the first down. So you kind of just try to tune that out a little bit and focus on your keys and play hard.”

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